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10 Proven Tips to boost your Website's loading speed

Think the speed of your website doesn’t matter? But I bet you won’t spend much of your time waiting for a web page that takes ages to load.

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How to reduce your website bounce rate in 11 simple ways

While most enterprises today invest in increasing site traffic, many forget to consider one important factor: their bounce rate. Focusing on social engagement, paid media, and content distribution are all effective ways to drive relevan...[Read more]

A guide on choosing the right website designer

Starting a website is one of the most efficient, fast and cost-effective ways of marketing your products and services. Therefore, having a website in this era is inevitable for reaching a wide base of prospects. Your website becomes the digital storefront of your business and represents the first contact point for m...[Read more]

Definition, background, how to do it and why adapt responsive web design

Have you been asking yourself, “What is responsive Web design and why on earth should anyone adapt it?”. Well, this article defines RWD, gives a background about it and explains why it is very important.


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What do I need to become an excellent web developer from scratch

Want to become a web developer? It’s pretty awesome and interesting. With internet you don’t necessarily need to enroll for the course (I published my first fully functional website into the internet before attending any web development class) to be excellent in the field. All you need is passion and ambi...[Read more]