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Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a communication service controlled by mobile network operators that allows mobile phone users to interact with a remote application on a server from their devices in real time.

USSD is session-based and permits a two-way information exchange in real-time. A session is initiated when a mobile phone user dials a code that takes form of *XYZ# eg. *123# on his/her phone. When a session is created, a menu is displayed on the user’s handset that enables the user to interact with this menu.

This type of applications can be very handy when you want to target a wide range of users as it can work on any kind of mobile device be it a smartphone or feature phone. It as well does not require downloading of any application or having Internet connection on the user’s phone in order to work.

We at The Code Pot Technologies are well proficient and experienced in developing USSD applications with user friendly interface/menu design. We will work hand in hand with you in crafting all the required use cases(for menus/interfaces) then walk with you throughout the development process, integrate to your backend and manage and monitor the service for you.

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