How to Get More Visitors to Your Website for Free

Posted on December 14, 2020

Get more website visitors for free

So you’re finally done building your new website?
But all the effort will be worthless if no one is going to be visiting it.

As a business owner, your goal is to convert website visitors into customers. But if you don’t have any visitors on your website, you don’t have anybody to convert. You really need to draw people to your site in order to make sales or generate leads.

But how exactly do you bring in visitors to your site?
Well, there are many ways you can increase traffic on your website. In this post, we’re going to explore a number of ways to get more visitors to your website for Free.

1. Optimize your site for search engines

Research shows that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. ie, among all the people that visit various websites 93% of them start by searching on google, bing, yahoo, etc. It is recorded that 3.5 billion Google searches are conducted every day. People are already searching for the products and services your business offers online. You only need to work towards getting found when they do the search. 75% of people never go past the first page of Google search results. So your effort should be to get your website ranked as high as possible on search engine results to benefit from these numbers.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a number of activities done on or outside the website to make it rank in a higher position in the organic search engine results for certain search queries as a way of increasing website traffic.

2. Consistently add high quality content

Content is the king. If you consistently add high-quality content to your website that is helpful and resonates with your audience. Content that informs, educates, or entertains them, then you will retain the audience and they will keep coming to your site checking for more. They are more likely to spread the word about your awesome content to their friends and connections bringing you more visitors.

3. Share links on social media

Social media platforms have become so much popular and can play an important role in driving traffic to your website. In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide. This number is projected to continue rising. Find a few platforms that your target audience frequents and then get going. Create an account for your small business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Write a brief description of your business and add a link to your website. Keep your accounts and pages active by posting frequently. Share the most recent blog posts with small catchy descriptions and link back to the website. Utilize the use of hashtags to get even more eyes on your posts.

4. Through word of mouth

As your friends, family, and professional connections to spread the word out about your new website. 92% of people trust referrals from friends, so the referrals can really help you drive some new traffic to your site. You may be very surprised at how supportive your existing network can be in helping you get the word out, and at the very least you’ll receive a nice spike in website traffic.

5. Add social media sharing buttons to your site

People like sharing quality content that they find useful to their friends and connections. Keep adding high-quality content that is worth sharing on your website. Make sure you have social sharing buttons (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, WhatsApp, etc) to make it easier for your web viewers to share. You will keep getting more and more audience to your website over time.

6. Start email marketing

What if instead of just targeting new visitors to your website there was a guaranteed way to retain the existing ones as well? Wouldn’t that be awesome?
Yes... there is a way, email marketing.
Email marketing can be a powerful tool for bringing people back to the website. Add an option to your website for your visitors to opt-in to your email newsletter. You can regularly send emails to all the people on your mailing list notifying them when you add new content to your blog or when you have deals and offers. In these emails, add a link back to your website. This can keep bringing free traffic consistently to your site.
Just be very careful not to bombard people with relentless emails that look spammy. Also, put careful thought into your email subject lines as they influence whether or not a user opens your email.

7. List your business in online directories

Adding your business listing to online business directories or review sites can go a long way in increasing traffic to your website. Most of these sites allow you to add your business description, areas of specialization, link to your website, and links to your social media accounts among other details. So getting positive reviews and having a link to your website is likely to result in more traffic. Also, having links from other websites to your website plays a big role in SEO and could result in your website getting highly ranked in search engine results. Additionally, review sites and directories have strong domain authority on search engines which means your business’s free page on their site could begin ranking in relevant searches.
The good thing is that adding your business to a directory is very simple and mostly free.

8. List your business on Google my Business

Google my Business(GMB) is a powerful tool by Google that allows businesses to manage how they’d like to appear on both Google Search and Maps. It’s a free-to-use service that is very easy to set up yet very powerful in generating traffic. The process only takes 15 minutes, they’ll mail you a postcard to confirm details. When you’re registered, every detail about your business(eg. your industry, business description, website address, your business location, your rating, etc) will show up when your customers are searching.

9. Engage online

In addition to sharing content through social media channels, you need to participate in the communities too. Join groups within your industry on social media platforms and actively engage in discussions. You can as well join online forums and questions and answer platforms such as Quora, Stackexchange, Stackoverflow, etc, and start answering questions. The more you engage with your community, the more exposure and profile visits you get. Make sure your profile on all these platforms contains a link to your website. This way you’ve turned your engagement into another channel for website traffic.

10. Blog commenting

You can also use blog comments as a way to generate traffic to your site. First, you need to find sites that are posting content related to your niche. It is important to target those sites with good traffic, site authority, and social media influence. You can use simalarweb for analysis to get these metrics. It is also preferable to target industry-specific blogs as they bring better results compared to those not related to your industry. When making the comment make sure it is thoughtful, elaborate, and full of value. This showcases your expertise in the given niche and will encourage comment viewers to click on your name and be taken through to your website. Avoid including links to your website in your comments lest you appear spammy and hurt your online and business reputation.

11. Add your website address to business cards, email signature, and any signage

Having a website for your business does not eliminate the need for offline ways of marketing such as business cards, vehicle wraps, and signage. Adding your business website address to all of your branding mediums will help bring visitors to your website. When you attend events or even out with your friends, pass this new card around as a way to market your website offline.


After reading this post, you should now be familiar with several ways which you can use to get extra visitors to your website. Whether you use one of these ways in isolation, several or all of them, surely you will make a big deal in boosting your website traffic.

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