Why The Code Pot Technologies is the best website design company in Kenya?

Wondering why The Code Pot Technologies is the number 1 website design and development company in Kenya?

We, The Code Pot Technologies have often been referred to as the best website design and development company in Kenya. It's our aspiration to become the best web design company in East and Central Africa.

Below are some of the reasons why we are the best:

1. Emphasis on quality
To us, quality is what we very much yearn for. In every project we take, we give it our best and design the website as if it was our very own. At the end, we ensure that the client get the best satisfaction and doesn't have even the slightest issue to complain about. We develop beautiful and attractive sites which are fully funtional. We use the responsive design approach to ensure the website is being rendered well across all devices and browsers. We ensure that all users get awesome user experience while on the website.

2. We are results driven
Good design alone is not enough. We know that the end goal after the client spending money on the website is for it to bring in results. To get get visitors, convert them into customers and then generate more sales. If it doesn't accomplish that then it doesn't serve the purpose for which it was created. We are result-driven and ensure you get good website traffic(site visitors numbers) by getting your website ranked highly on Google results. We then help increase conversion by strategically placing call-to-actions on your website that prompts your website visitors to perform the desired actions such as buy, enroll, register, contact you, request quote etc.

3. Timely delivery
We know you don't have the whole eternity to wait for your project to be completed. We respect your time and thus work with urgency to ensure we deliver the completed and thoroughly tested web project within the agreed upon timeline.

4. Honesty and openness
If there is anything that you ought to know, we don't keep that from you. Having your interests at heart we are always open and honest in all our communication.

5. Affordable pricing
To us, website design is not just a business but a calling in which we do with passion. We care about you. We know you may not have huge prockets to pour out money for the web project and that's why our pricing are the best, customer-friendly and affordable.

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