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Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider's servers. This communication is controlled by mobile network operators and allows mobile phone users to interact with a remote application on a server from their devices in real time.

USSD is session-based and permits a two-way information exchange in real-time. This makes USSD potentially more responsive than services that use SMS, if a real-time interaction is desired.

A communication session can be initiated either through USSD-PUSH (Originated by Provider & Terminated on Mobile) or a USSD-PULL (Mobile Originated & Provider Terminated). The USSD-PULL is the most common where a mobile phone user dials a code that takes form of *XYZ# eg. *123# on his/her phone. USSD works using a connection oriented HTTP API between USSD gateway and the application on your server.

Below are the advantages of USSD applications:
- Compatibile with feature phones and smartphones
- A fast communication between the application and the user
- Free to end users in most of the cases
- More interactive as compared to SMS
- Suitable for sensitive information such as one-time password
- Works on all existing GSM mobile phones
- Does not require internet connection
- Provides a good user experience by reducing the latency delays
- End users don't have to download or install any app
- Very easy and intuitive to use

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