How to create and setup a LinkedIn page for your Company

Posted on January 26, 2021

How to create and set up a LinkedIn page for your Company

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network focusing on professional networking and career development. LinkedIn helps people to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills they need to succeed in their careers. It is accessible via the desktop website, LinkedIn mobile app, mobile web experience, or the LinkedIn Lite Android mobile app. It is own by the tech giant company Microsoft.

Despite it being different from the other social networks due to its focus on professional connections, it’s quite similar to them in terms of usage. Just like on the other social networks, on LinkedIn people can also post updates, comment on posts, share and like content as well as send instant messages.

LinkedIn profiles are organized in form of resumes where people can add their educational background, skills, work experience, accomplishments, recommendations, and referrals from colleagues.

LinkedIn Company Page and its advantages

In addition to enabling professional connections, LinkedIn allows business owners to create a company page for their businesses. Whether your company has a team of employees or you are just self-employed, you can create a LinkedIn page for your businesses which come with a number of advantages.

Below are some of the advantages of having a LinkedIn page:

1. It professionally showcases your company. Even as a single employee to your business you build a strong image of your business to the world.

2. Your employees act as indirect company ambassadors. Since the user profiles are structured in form of a resume, your current or former employees while updating their profiles will add your company under the experience section. This way, their connections or anybody looking at their profiles will get to know about your company. This will give your company more brand awareness and may lead to future business deals.

3. When people mention your company in their profiles post updates, you get notified. This is awesome as you will be able to be in the know of what people say about your business. In addition, you can connect with them since they have shown some interest which can end up bringing business opportunities.

How to create a LinkedIn company page for your business

Personally I have encountered a number of people who have had challenges in creating a LinkedIn page. Taking them as a sample I know there many people out there who would like guidance on how to do it. For that reason, I decided to write this article.

Follow the easy steps below to create your LinkedIn page:

1. Log in to your Linkedin account.

2. Click on the work link at the top right corner.

LinkedIn work

A drop-down section with LinkedIn products appears.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Create a Company Page +”.

Create LinkedIn Company page

You will be taken to a new page.

In this section, select the category in which your business belongs.

LinkedIn Company category

4. Fill in the company details
You are then taken to a new page and presented with 3 sections for adding your company details. All the fields marked in a star are required/mandatory.

i). Page identity
In this section, you are required to add your company name and website address. The LinkedIn public URL is autogenerated from the company name. It is the one you will be sharing with people or adding to your website when you want people to visit your LinkedIn page. You can customize it to how you want it to be. For instance, ours is In the URL field, we entered the last part “thecodepot”.

LinkedIn Company page identity

ii). Company details
In this section you are required to provide more company details: The industry in which your company falls, the company size in terms of number of employees and company ownership type.

LinkedIn page company details

iii). Profile details
In this section you are required to upload your company logo and add your company tagline. Kindly note that the logo should be square in shape to avoid it being cropped and some part not shown on the profile. The recommended size is 300pixels height by 300pixels width. The only file types allowed are .jpg, .jeg and .png.

LinkedIn Company page profile details

As you enter all the above details, a preview of your page is generated on the right side as shown below.

LinkedIn Company page preview

5. Verify that you are the authorized representative of the organization, the click “Create Page” button.

Create LinkedIn page

By clicking the “Create Page” button your page is created and accessible via the public URL you entered as shown below.

LinkedIn Company Page

To look more professional as a company, and to unlock more features such as inviting your connections to follow your page, LinkedIn recommends that you complete the profile by adding company description, location and to start posting updates.

LinkedIn Page complete profile

Updating these details is easy and straight-forward.

Updating LinkedIn page


In this article you have learnt what LinkedIn is all about, the advantages of having a company page for your business and the step by step comprehensive procedure for creating a LinkedIn company page. It’s my hope that you have found this article useful. If so, please follow us on social media to stay updated when we add new content. Have a great time!

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