Step-by-step guide on how to create & setup a Facebook page

Posted on January 29, 2021

A step-by-step guide on how to create and set up a Facebook page

As the technology keeps on evolving and internet accessibility expanding, digital marketing has become crucial for every business that wants to remain afloat in the 21st century. Among the different strategies of digital marketing is social media marketing which involves use of social media channels.

Facebook is the largest among all Social Media channels in the world with 2.7 billion users as of 2020. With these numbers, Facebook definitely becomes one of the best places to market your business online. The best way to do it is by having a Facebook page.

Advantages of Facebook page

A Facebook page for your business comes with plenty of benefits. Below are some of the ways you can benefit from it:

- Connect and engage with your existing and potential customers - Through posts, comments and private messages via the Facebook page, business owners can communicate and engage with customers.

- Share business information - A Facebook page allows you to share basic business information such as business name, a description of the business, a list of services or products you deal with and contact details among others.

- Showcase your products and services - Via the Facebook page, you can be regularly posting your products or a portfolio of the works that your company has done.

- Drive traffic to website - Facebook allows you to add a website address to your page profile. Also when posting updates you can as well add links to your website. A good number of people are likely to click on the links and get into your website. Customers who come to your website from Facebook are likely to be more receptive than the average visitor, because they already know something about your business and were motivated to click the website link.

- Helps in targeting advertising - Facebook advertising allows you to target specific demographics, based on location, age, gender and interests. You can also target those who have been to your website or their look-alike audience. You can also create and target a lookalike audience of your past customers thus increases chances of closing sales.

- Gives insights - Facebook page gives some cool metrics through “Facebook Insights” that can help you monitor things such as page views, page likes and post-views among others. This helps you to know what kind of content performs the best and plan for the future

How to create a Facebook page

Below is the step-by-step procedure on how to create Facebook page on the desktop version.

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Click on the plus(+) icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Create Facebook page

3. Click on the “Page” option from the drop-down that appears.

Create Facebook page

4. Fill in the page information
In the “Page Name” field, enter the business name, or the name of the organization.
In the categories field, Facebook allows you to add up to 3 categories that best describes what the business or page is about.
Add a brief description of up to 255 characters long that describes what the page is all about in the description field then click on the “Create Page” button.

Facebook page information

5. Select from your device storage the images for the profile picture and the page cover photo.

Facebook page profile and cover photo

It is recommended that the profile picture be square in shape to avoid it being cropped and some portion of it hidden from view. We recommend that you use a 200pixels by 200pixels profile picture and 850pixels by 315pixels for the cover photo.

You will see a preview of your page as shown below.
5. Click the “Save” button.

Save facebook page

The page is now ready. You will be taken to the admin view of the page as shown below.

Facebook page

You can click on the “View as Visitor” to view it the way other people will see it.

Now that the page is ready you can start creating posts, uploading the photos/videos and going live among other stuffs.

Post on facebook page

Add a call-to-action button to guide page viewers in performing a disired task. Click on the “+ Add a Button” to do this.

Add a facebook page button

Select the most suitable option for you from the wide array of options provided. Some may require you to enter a website link, an email address or a phone number.

Select facebook page call-to-action

Now let’s look at the page URL below. This is the link that you will be sharing with people across your networks in order to access your Facebook page. I sincerely don’t like this default one created by Facebook for you.

Facebook page URL

Isn’t the one below more cool and easier to remember? I believe it is much better.

Facebook page URL

The best thing is that Facebook allows you to create one. You have the privilege to create something called a username. It is basically the last bit of the page URL. For instance our Facebook page URL is The last part, “thecodepot” is our username.

To create username for your page, Facebook has some regulations in which you must observe to be eligible and as listed below:

  • The page must already have at least 25 Likes.
  • You must not have created more than one page lately.
  • Your personal Facebook account needs to be verified.
  • Your personal profile must not be newly created.
  • For your personal Facebook account, a username must be defined

The esiest and fastest way to gain the 25 page likes is to invite your Facebook friends to like your page. To do so, click on the 3-dots button below the cover photo and click on the “Invite Friends” option as shown below.

Invite friends to like page

You will be provided with a list of all your Facebook friends. Scroll down and tick against the name of all the friends you want to invite to like the page then click on “Send Invites” button.

Send page like invites

When you attain at least 25 page likes, click on the “Create @Username” just below the page name.

Create facebook username

Another option is to scroll down the left column and click on “Edit page info”.

Edit facebook page info

Now in the Edit page info form, enter your preferred page username in the Username field. Since the username should be unique, it will be rejected if you enter one that has already been used by some else. Once you enter one that is unique, you will see a green tick and the username will be saved automatically.

Edit facebook page info

I recommend that you as well scroll down the page and fill in all the other necessary information about your business such as phone number, email address, website address, products you deal with, working hours etc.


In this article you have learnt that social media marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy and Facebook being the largest social network ought to be included in this strategy. You also have learnt the advantages that come with creating a Facebook page for your business. Lastly, you have learnt step-by-step procedure on how to create and set up your Facebook page.

It is my hope you have found this article useful and have learnt something from it. Kindly follow us on social media to keep updated when we add more incredible content. Have a fabulous time.

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