8 Reasons why your business should have a website

Posted on February 18, 2016

8 Reasons why your business should have a website

There is no doubt that a business with a website cannot be compared with one which doesn’t have one. The following is a list of some of the various reasons why a business need a website:

1. It is the cheapest form of advertisement

As compared to all other forms of advertisement, having a website is the cheapest means of advertising. A full-page in a newspaper in Kenya is over Ksh 400,000 and a half over Ksh 200,000. Radios, TVs, and billboards are by far much the worst in charging expensive costs. In starting a website, you only require some small fee for web design and development and some small fee for domain registration and web hosting which you will be paying annually.

2. It is a great tool in creating customer confidence

When customers get to know your business well and get clarification in their area of uncertainties, they will increase trust in your business and feel free to do transactions with you. This can be accomplished by having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section/page on your website where all the customer questions are answered explicitly and collectively and can be viewed by many customers simultaneously.  Without a website, this becomes very difficult and tedious in explaining/answering to customers separately/individually many times repeatedly and leaving others who do not feel free to ask with unanswered questions.

3. It improves customer interaction

A website can have a blog where the business owner post about the products and the customer’s comment. They can ask questions and seek clarifications where they don’t understand. This will increase the seller-customer relationship.

4. Easy to reach wider audience

The internet has many millions of users daily. Most of these users either search for information or various products. There is a high probability that there are people in different geographical regions searching for products and services that you offer and that they find them on your website. These are potential customers and you can easily transact with them especially if you sell digital products. With a website, you can reach a wide audience that you may never reach through any other means of advertising.

5. It is the fastest means of sharing information with many people.

Compared to all other means (Imagine informing people through letters, phone calls, newspapers, radios, TVs, and billboards, name them all), a website is the fastest means that will reach the largest number of people. Updating a web content at Kisumu may take a minute, the next minute a person in America, Europe, Asia, and the rest viewing the web will be able to notice the change.

6. Helps in improving communication

In some years back when most of the businesses had no websites it was difficult for customers to communicate with the business owners. Nowadays the communication has been simplified as business websites have a contact us page which mostly comprises of contact details of a business such as an email, phone number, social media links, and a contact form. Through all these means it is easier to make inquiries and comments about the services.

7. Promotes professionalism.

Nowadays with the increase in usage of the internet, it has become a norm of any serious business to have an internet presence. This is characterized by having a website. Most people now gauge businesses by their websites. Those without websites are taken lightly and less seriously as compared to the ones with one. To be able to compete with the rest of the world, it is inevitable to embrace emerging technology and the existing trends.

8. Keeps customers updated.

In a website you can integrate a mailing list section where your audience gives you their emails. This unlike those businesses without websites is very useful as you are in a position of sending periodic emails to your customers updating them of the new products and services you are offering or anything else important happening in your business. This is a good strategy for maintaining your existing customers.

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