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Which is the best seo company in Nairobi, Kenya

A website is with no doubt one of the most powerful marketing tool for your business in the 21st century. It helps you to reach more people, get more brand awareness, gain more customers and close more sales. It provides the best and most professional and organized way of showcasing your business, products and services.

Having a website provides you with a level ground to compete with the goliaths in the industry. It helps you save time and cut some business costs. It gives your business credibility; research shows that 56% of people won't trust a business that has no website. Having a good website instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business.

Your website works for your business 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. Something that no employee will ever do.

However, to benefit from all the advantages that comes with having a website, you must get people to visit it. A website that no one visits is just useless.. It adds no value to your business at all but acts as just a liability. The sad situation is that majority of the websites fall under this category. You may have the most beautiful website on the Internet. You may be selling the highest quality products or services. But if no one visits your website... I am sorry, it is of no use having it.

“How can I get people to visit my website?”, you may be wondering.

There are a number of ways for driving traffic to a website such as social media marketing, paid advertisements, email marketing, affiliate marketing etc. We will focus on the most reliable and the most affordable method, Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimization

93% of all online experiences starts with a search engine. That means for all the number of times people visit the various websites, social media networks or even access their email accounts, 93% of them first conduct a search on Google(and other search engines eg. bing, yahoo etc). Statistics show that 3.5billion Google searches are conducted daily.

Thousands of people online are searching for the products and services that your business offers. Is your business among the results they get?

An important thing to note is that for every search query, Google gives you thousands, millions or even billions of results. These results are split and arranged into pages, where each page consist of about 10 organic(not paid for) results. That means that if your website is ranked as the 100th result, it will be placed as the last item of page 10.

But to be honest, how many times have you navigated upto the 10th page of Google results?

Leave alone 10th... How many times have you gone past the first page of Google search results? Statistics show that 75% of people never go past the first page of Google. The majority of people choose to click on the first 3 results.

For this reason, it is absolutely crucial to have your website ranked as high as possible, preferrably on top spots of page #1 of search engine results.

Having your website at the top position of Google results doesn't just happen automatically out of a mere coincidence. It involves a lot of work, a set of activities referred to as Search Engine Optimization.
SEO can be defined as a set of practices done on or outside of a website in efforts to get it ranked high on search engine results as a way getting more traffic to a website. This include doing a research about the most searched keywords/phrases related to your business, then optimizing the website content for those keywords. Speeding up the website, making it mobile friendly and secure, improving its user experience, and obtaining links to your website from other websites among others are some of the ways involved in SEO.

A website need to be developed as search-engine-friendly from the beginning. One mistake that most people make is to over-concentrate on pricing and the looks of the website and forget on this most important aspect, SEO. One thing that you must consider, if at all you want to get traffic from search engines when choosing a website developer for your project is their expertise in SEO. Hire a developer with a demostrated SEO skill-set and you will reap big benefits from your website.

Which is the best SEO Agency/Company in Kenya?

Due to the emmergence of many website designers and developers in Kenya, most of which are amateurs and after your money, you may be wondering: "Who are the best SEO Agency in Nairobi, Kenya?".

To know whether a website developer or agency is well skilled in SEO and not just mere say, ask them to show some of the websites they have ranked. Let them share those keywords they ranked for and find for yourself if they truly rank on the first page of Google results. Their own website should be ranked highly as well. If they can't rank theirs at the top position for keywords in their niche, don't be lied to that they will rank yours.

It is also advisable to obtain some surface level knowledge of how SEO works and engage them in a discussion on how they will do the SEO for you just to know whether they konow what they claim and are upto the task or are just after the money.

Having been in the website design and development field for the last seven years, we have gained immence skills on SEO that are guaranteed to get your website to the first page of Google for your varous industry keywords. We have often been referred to as the best SEO agency/company in Nairobi, Kenya after ranking many client's website for highly competitive keywords.

We develop new search-engine friendly websites or optimize the existing once to rank high. We follow the white-hat approach to ensure that your website will rank the best way and will never be penalized by Google. We are the most reliable SEO company in Kenya and our services are very affordable and customer-friendly.

If you are looking forward to get your website ranked on the first page of Google, then don't hesitate contact us. Click the button below to get started.

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